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I teach social work at both the undergraduate and graduate level.
Here are the courses I've taught in the past few years.

School of Social Work, University of Windsor

  • Meeting Human Needs through Social Work (47-118/SWRK 1180)

  • Theory & Practice of Social Work I (47-336/SWRK 3360)

  • Theory and Practice of Social Work II (47-337/SWRK 3370)

  • Field Integration Seminar II (47-431/ SWRk 4310)

  • Social Work and Health (47-456/SWRK )

  • Foundation Communication Skills in Advanced Social Work Practice (47-504/ SWRK 8504)

  • Challenges in Human Development (47-523/ SWRK 8523)

  • Field Integration Seminar (47-570/ SWRK 8570)

  • Advanced Direct Social Work Practice (47-610/SWRK 8610)

  • Advanced Placement Internship (API) Seminar (47-680/SWRK 8680)

College of Social Work, Florida State University

  • Introduction to Social Work (SOW 3203)

  • Human Behavior in the Social Environment (SOW 4104)

  • Social Work in Health Care Settings (SOW 4602/SOW 5603)

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